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M & E Books is proud to announce the publication of Baja California Land of Missions written by David Kier. This 243-page work is a detailed history of the activities by the Spanish Empire, commissioning several orders of Catholic priests, and others, in an attempt to colonize the peninsula of California between 1535 and 1855. All twenty-seven missions are detailed as well as the satellite visita outposts and the more obscure, little-known, associated sites. The padres who served at each mission are listed along with the years they served. The El Camino Real mission road is discussed. Why the missions failed and what happened since they closed is also told. GPS waypoints for each mission and additional places of historic interest are provided. The mythical lost missions are detailed as well. Over 125 photographs, drawings and maps will visually take the reader to the missions as they were, and as they are now. A reference list of books plus detailed index will assist in further mission study or research.
ISBN 978-1-4951-9121-3

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Max Kurillo's El Camino Real Book:

The book is 8 1/2" x 8 1/2", 209 pages,
over 40 maps, and 60 pictures.
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Wooden Bells
The intrigue and romance of bells have captured the imagination of people from all walks of life, the bells found in the museum of the mission in Ventura are so unique and mysterious as to almost defy reason. They resided there inspiring awe and wonder. These bells are like no others, they are beautifully hand carved from wood. This book contains a wealth of detail, historical fact, interpretation and imaginative reason to uncover their secrets.
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Tom Miller
Tom Miller's Baja Book III from 1992, was the best-selling guide to Baja's roads using satellite images for maps. 180+ pages. Limited Supply. $20 includes tax and U.S. shipping. Canada: $24 USD. Other countries: $40 USD.

Mike Humfreville
Get the wonderful story of Mike and Mary Ann Humfreville as they spent two summers, separated by several years, on the L.A. Bay area coast of Baja in Mike's classic written adventure: 'In the Shadow of the Volcano' c2006 $12.50 (includes tax and shipping)

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Circa 1757 - North
Circa 1757 - North
Circa 1757 - South
Circa 1757 - South
1757 Jesuit Maps of California showing missions as they were about 1747.
Included are 3 'started' missions in the north,
2 of which were never officially founded.